About journal

“MATERIAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS” is an electronic scientific journal registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Communication and Information Technology and Protection of Cultural Heritage and numbered as № FS77-53544.

The journal is presented in the scientific electronic library (SEL) – the main executor of the project on the development of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).


Purpose of the journal 

The main purpose of the journal is to inform scientists and specialists about advanced development and tendencies in the field of modern materials science both in Russia and abroad.

The journal is assigned the international standard serial number ISSN 2307-8952 by the International center for the Registration of Serial Publications (Paris, France).


Publication in the journal

Publications in the journal are free of charge and access to the journal is free for users.


Attention! In 2015, the electronic version of the Journal “MATERIAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS” will be available free of charge. Since 2016, some papers selected by the editorial board will be published as hard copy by subscription. You can subscribe at subscribe agencies, whose indexes will be placed at our site.


The articles covering the following knowledge categories according to the State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information (SRSTI) can be published in the journal:

53.01 General matters of metallurgy

53.31 Production of ferrous materials and alloys

53.37 Production of nonferrous materials and alloys

53.39 Powder metallurgy

53.43 Manufacture of rolled products

53.49 Metal science

53.81 Proximate analysis in metallurgy

55.09 Engineering materials

55.15 Foundry engineering

55.16 Press-forging production

55.21 Heat- and strengthening treatment

55.22 Surface finishing and coatings

55.23 Production of articles from powder materials

55.24 Manufacture of nonmetallic products

61.31 Technology of inorganic compounds and products

61.35 Silicate and refractory non-metallic materials manufacturing technology

61.59 Synthetic high-molecular compounds technology

61.61 Plastic materials technology

61.63 Manufacturing technology of rubber and products of them

61.65 Paint-and-lacquer materials and organic coatings technology

61.67 Chemical fibers and yarns technology

81.09 Materials science

89.25.43 Space-purposed materials science and technology


To Advertisers

All issues of the journal are subjected to the free dissemination to e-libraries, databases, specialized institutions and companies that provide maximum coverage of readership.

Texts and presentations of reports, presented at all-Russia and international scientific conferences, seminars, symposia may be published in the journal. Such publications can be submitted by the approval of the organizing committees of these events for publicity purposes.