№3-4, 2017
УДК 621.318.1
Aydullov R.N.2, Burkanov M.V.1, Shubakov V.S.3, Zukov D.G.3
  • [2] Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • [1] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • [3] National University of Science and Technology MISiS
  • Research of influence heat treatment duration on temperature stability of permanent magnets alloy YuNDK35T5А
    Optimum temperature isothermal thermomagnetic treatment of YuNDK35T5А alloys is established. The research of influence heat treatment duration on magnetic properties and temperature stability of material is conducted. It is established, that magnetic properties of the samples, processed at optimum temperature of thermomagnetic treatment don’t change at en-durance, however magnetic properties of the samples processed at non-optimal temperature continue to grow with increase in time of process. It is show that values of temperature coefficient of induction at endurance of 550°С, 100 hours can decrease to 30%. By method of the transaction electron-microscopy it is established that in the heat treatment process the volume fraction of high magnetic particles is changes, that gives the chance to regulate temperature co-efficient of induction in YuNDK35T5А alloy.
    Keywords: magnetic properties, high coercive station, temperature coefficient of induction, heat treatment.