№5, 2016
УДК 678.8
Shvetsov E.P.1, Grebeneva T.A.1
  • [1] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • The polymeric nanomodified composite material for the construction industry
    Developed nano-modified polymer binder and fiberglass based on it is characterized by high strength characteristics and essential performance properties of a highly developed manufacturability binder, using nanodisperse modifiers, as well as manufacturing technology PCM. Work is executed within implementation of the complex scientific direction 13.1. «Binding for polymeric and composite materials of constructional and special purpose» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)
    Keywords: nano-modified polymer binder, nano-modified fiberglass composite material, building construction

    №1, 2015
    УДК 577.37+537.86
    О.V. Мosin1, I. Ignatov1
    The method for preparation of natural phototransforming photochrome membrane protein bacteriorhodopsin
    The article presents the technology of preparation and isolation of natural phototransforming transmembraine protein bacteriorhodopsin (BR) (output 8–10 mg, chemical purity 92 %), which is capable to transform light energy into electrochemical energy of generated protons H+ and АТP. These data are important for nanoindustry of new modern domestic phototransforming nanomaterials on the base of BR and molecular bioelectronics. Keywords: Halobacterium halobium ET 1001, purple membranes, bacteriorhodopsin, biosynthesis, biomolecular electronics